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Design: 6 Ways To Freshen Up Your Home, Spring Style

Spring is here! The sun is out! Time to freshen up your home, spring style, and get ready for a gorgeous spring and summer!

1. Pick A Color Scheme and Accent

Pick a few bright spring colors, an accent color, and get to shopping for a few key pieces to add a pop of color! Check out this article from Better Homes and Gardens on great home color schemes for some inspiration! It’s amazing how adding just a few great statement pieces can give the effect of a re-designed space!

2. Incorporate Pattern

Find a great pattern to break up the solid colors and make the space more FUN! I suggest doing this with chair covers, throw pillows, or blanket. This is especially effective in the living room, family room or bedroom.

3. Couch/Chair Slipcovers

If your couches and chairs are getting old and looking dated, you can find affordable slipcovers that are easy to maintain! This will create a brand new look without a large price tag to reupholster or buy new furniture! Even better, they can be washed and dried easily!

4. Add a colorful accent wall

Besides wall décor, are all of your walls the exact same? Maybe it’s time to paint an accent wall of color or put up wallpaper on one side! Yes, you might think wallpaper is a design from ‘back in the day’ but I can assure you, it’s coming back hot and heavy in more modern forms! This works in any room and anyone can do it on their own with paint or wallpaper roll from a local store.

5. Makeover Your Front Door

Welcome spring by creating an inviting look to the front of your home! Paint your front door a bright new color (perhaps blue like mine or even yellow) and clean your trim/hardware. Change out the welcome mat and add large quantities of one type of flower in oversized urns for a modern touch.

6. Add An Area Rug

It’s time to pull up the heavy wool rug and send it out for cleaning! Throw down a light bright cotton twill in a bold stripe or pattern to compliment the new throw pillows!


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