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Design: Game Changing Garage

It's going to start cooling off as Fall quickly approaches! This means it's about time to put away the summer toys, gardening gloves, and yard equipment in preparation for hibernation. If you're like my family, you've collected a few new things over the summer months. Instead of shoving them into a tight corner in the garage, how about placing them in an organized fashion to hold until next Spring?!

Need some tips? Here we go!

1. The Container Store - TONS of bins, hooks, an entire line of ELFA storage components, etc. They also do closets with ELFA, which my family personally loves. (No, I am not getting paid to say this, I just love their products.)

2. Pegboard - One of the easiest ways to get everything up on the wall and off the ground or out of a mixed mangled box. Home Depot has a great selection of pegboard materials and accessories!

3. Old Lockers - Yes, the kind you used in high school! They work great for storage. Add some wood shelves for extra space and some labeled bins and you look like an organization pro!

4. PVC Pipe - Phenomenal for plumbing, phenomenal for holding gardening tools!

5. Towel Bar - replacing the one in your bathroom? Take the old one out and attach to the wall. It makes for an excellent solution to hang items!

Need more ideas? Call me! 303-597-6550


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