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Design: Nurturing Nurseries

With a 5 month old baby girl, this one is close to my heart! One of the most fun things to do as an expecting Mom is to decorate and design the nursery! Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

1. The Crib: Make sure to select a good quality, neutral, sturdy crib. Often times, the crib is used for many years and multiple babies. Getting one that will last for a while and match various decor styles is more beneficial than needing to purchase more than one.

2. The Changing Table: It's no secret, newborn babies go through A LOT of diapers. It's essential to have a functional changing table with all necessary and potentially necessary items within hands reach. Make sure the table is at a height you are comfortable changing your newborn at.

3. The Chair: Don't let decor take over in this decision. Yes, you want it to flow with your nursery design but you also want it to be comfortable! After all, you will spend a good amount of quality time with your new baby in that chair, at all hours of the night. Also, make sure to have snacks, wipes, blankets, and other items you may need while cuddling your sweet baby close by.

4. The Closet: Invest in a good organizing system for your babies closet. You will most likely end up with a lot of clothes, blankets, bottles, etc. and having a good organization system for everything will make the room less chaotic and more calm for you.

5. Decor: There are no rules for this one! Make it a room that makes you feel happy! I can speak from experience when I say the journey of motherhood is not always easy but absolutely worth going through the hard times. A nursery that brings you joy and a smile to your face will make it just a little bit easier. :)

As always, if you have any questions or want recommendations on baby items, please do not hesitate to reach out to me!



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