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Design: Tips For Designing The Hoppiest Easter Egg Hunt

Have you started filling your Easter eggs yet? If not, you better get started! Easter is just a couple weeks away but don't worry, these awesome tips will make you look like a pro and had it planned for months!

Timing - start promptly on-time. It doesn’t last too long so make sure you have everyone arrive 10-15 minutes early to go over rules!

Invitations - make sure everyone brings a basket to put their eggs in.

Choose the Right Size Eggs - too small wont hold anything of excitement but too big will seem empty with just a little item.

Be Prepared - Buy your eggs and fillers early and have them stuffed and ready to go.

Designate an Area for the hunt - it’s safer to keep the kids in one specific area like the backyard!

Back-up Plan - have a back-up plan in the event the weather goes south.

Color Coding - for a wide range of ages, have certain ages look for certain color of egg. It also helps with hiding locations per age group.

Make Rules - this makes it more fair! Examples are to set a limit on how many eggs each kid can find and to keep the eggs closed until all eggs are revealed!

Special Eggs - have a couple special eggs either filled with a premium item, with a clue to an even better item, or empty that they turn into the host for a different prize!

Ditch the Candy - kids don’t need too much sugar so fill some with candy but also little toys, erasers, coins, etc.

Have Enough - make sure the hunt lasts more than 5 minutes! Approximately 20 eggs per participant is a good estimate.

Hide Appropriately - Make the hunting age appropriate by hiding the eggs based on the child’s height and abilities.

Recycle - after the kids empty their eggs for the filler, hold onto them for next year! You can also find a lot of discounts directly after Easter to store for next year.

Hiding Spots - for little kids, hide them near toys placed in the yard.

Freeze Hunt - add an additional layer of chaos and either blow a whistle or stop the music to make the participants freeze in place until you allow them to move again. If they don’t freeze, they have to re-hide an egg from their basket!

For The Parents - provide light snacks and beverages so the parents can socialize while the kids have fun or make it a potluck brunch where everyone brings a dish to share!

BEST TIP: Have fun, enjoy the kids enthusiasm, and make friends!



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