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RE: Selling in Winter

Sure, everyone talks about how great it is to sell in the summer when kids are out of school, the sun is out, the trees are full but there are also quite a few great reasons to sell during the winter!

1. Low Inventory: when there are less houses on the market, there is less competition. Make your home 'show ready' and watch it stand out!

2. Winter-readiness: The winter is a great time to show how comfortable you can be all winter long in a house that is ready to protect you! 3. Serious Buyers: People who are casually looking or just love to browse the open houses don't come out during the winter. Therefore, each 'showing' is a serious potential buyer! 4. Financials: Year end bonuses and payouts can help buyers who were on the fence feel more secure in making a big purchase!

5. Corporate Relocation: January/February is the biggest time for corporate relocation so buyers relocating here are very serious and need to act quickly!

If you're curious about selling, give me a call (303-597-6550) and let's chat! :) Kylie


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