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Recipe Book: Back to School Time

Can you believe summer is almost over and we only have a few days left before school starts again? It seems like it flew by! If you're like our household, post 5pm is crazy busy. Therefore, I've provided some super easy and fast dinner options to make the evenings slightly less chaotic!

- Teriyaki Chicken: Rotisserie chicken, teriyaki sauce, white rice, and a veggie medley frozen pack. Rice cooks fast and is easy to pair with cut up chicken, veggie medley and topped with teriyaki sauce. Yummm!

- Grilled cheese and tomato soup: bread, butter, cheese, and a can of tomato soup! Delicious, fast, and filling!

- Chicken caesar salad wraps: Rotisserie chicken, caesar salad mix in a bag, and tortillas! Cut up chicken, mix together with caesar bag, and toss in a tortilla. Super easy and added points for being healthy!

- Taco Salad: While the taco meat is cooking, cut up lettuce, tomato, and avocado and mix together. Add corn (yes, from the can), black olives, black beans (rinsed), and cheese to the mixture. Then combine with the cooked taco meat and top with thousand island dressing and tortilla chip "croutons" and voila!

I hope these help the nightly routine so you can spend a little more quality time just relaxing with the kid(s) and not as much time in the kitchen. After all, time flies so you better enjoy it! If you want more ideas, reach out to me! I've got tons! :) Kylie


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