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Denver has an incredible public transportation system that is easy to use, inexpensive, and convenient around most of the metro Denver area! It’s no secret that I love this city and this is just one of a million reasons why! I have outlined the various systems and their routes below so that you can sit back, relax, and enjoy our great area!


16th Street Mall Ride - FREE!

The 16th Street Mall is about 1 mile long and located downtown, lined with shops, restaurants, entertainment, etc.! The free ride is available everyday from about 5am-1am.

Metroride - FREE!

This is a brand new bus ride service complimenting the Mall ride with a route along 18th and 19th Street during rush hour.

Mall Ride (Purple) & Metro Ride (Teal) Route


More than 170 Local, Regional and SkyRide bus routes serving over 10,000 bus stops.

Fares from $3 (without discount) to $10.50 (airport).

Operates 365 days a year.


Nine rail lines providing 86.5 miles & 53 stations of rail service along the Denver's North, East, Southeast, Southwest, and West rail corridors.

Fares at $3 for 1-2 zones, $5.25 for 3 zones and $10.50 for the airport.

Operates 365 days a year.

Bus & Lightrail Route


More than 70 Park-n-Rides conveniently located throughout the District making it easy for you to connect with bus and rail service in your area.

Additional Information:

Customer Care: 303-299-6000

Information provided by RTD:


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