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You Can't Afford To Wait

So yes, we have heard that interest rates are low... but have you truly examined how that affects your home purchase ability? If not, I'm here and ready to show you with real life numbers that will blow you away!

Let me break down the below graph into a number that will make 100% sense. This shows that buying a $456k priced house with a 4.25% interest rate will cost the same monthly (principal & interest) as buying a $532k priced house with a 3% interest rate. Considering interest rates this time last year were around 4.25% and the current rate is roughly 3%, the change in interest rate ALONE increases your buying power by $76,000!

That is a lot to gain without changing your monthly payment!

Interest rates are always fluctuating but they are certainly at an incredibly low rate right now, which I recommend taking advantage of! Whether you've been wanting to get into a different home or just refinance your current home, now is the time! Who knows what will happen to rates come November (election timeframe) or even into next year so utilize the low rates and save yourself some money on refinancing or get into the home you've been dreaming of.

If you have any questions, call me! I'm always happy to help!



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