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Design: Have You Heard The HGTV News?

Have you heard the news? The very sad news about #FixerUpper ending after this upcoming Season {5}? Don’t worry, though the show may not be continuing, you can still create their fabulous and famous look by using this outline of Fixer Upper Essentials.

White. Lots of White. Large, open, kitchen, full of white. It’s the go-to and gorgeous every time!

Exposed Brick & Wood. Both are equally as important and add a dimension of texture while combining the modern with rustic.

Letter/Word/Phrases. Properly positioned with the right size and meaning will create a sentimental {homey} feel.

Shelving. Organized and decorative makes the home feel more open, airy, and fresh.

Barn Doors. Doubling as a space saver while offering an antique/rustic vibe makes them a perfect addition.

Shiplap. Every house needs at least one accept wall. Say {hello} to Shiplap.

Unique Light Fixtures. The bigger… The more unique… The bolder… The better!

Repurposed Old Items. Every episode makes you cry in one-way or another. Typically it comes in the form of a repurposed family value item turned into the ideal decorative or furniture piece of memory. It gets us every time!

Distressed Furniture. Jo LOVES herself some distressed furniture. It comes in all forms and adds a livable side to the home.

Greenery/Plants. Simple greenery touches add warmth. They bring life to a room even if it’s not exactly a living item.


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