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Design: Mother's Day!

Being a mother is a very special "job" emotionally, physically, and more so it's important to honor the day! A great way to honor the day is by having a fabulous Mother's Day brunch! Here are some fantastic ideas on eats, drinks, and table decor to make the day special!

Top Menu Items:

- quiche/frittata

- crepes

- pastries

- fruit

- cinnamon rolls or monkey bread (yummm, my personal favorite!)

- omelette's

- pancakes

- french toast casserole

Top Table Decor Items:

- Flowers

- Colorful napkins

- Gorgeous glassware

- Watercolors

- Anything PINK!

I hope this helps to create an incredible day! Just keep in mind, the most important aspect is spending time with family and friends so enjoy the company before all else!



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