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Dog (Appreciation) Days of Summer - Off-Leash Parks

Dog appreciation day is coming up quickly on August 26th! What better way to show your furry friend that you appreciate them then taking them to an off-leash Dog Park?! Ruff Ruff! (That means yes, please!) I know my dog Krimi (below picture) LOVES to be outdoors running around and swimming in the water

Not sure of where to go? Well here are the top off-leash dog parks to explore in the Denver Metro Area so you AND your pup can enjoy a nice summer fun-filled afternoon in our gorgeous Colorado outdoors!

  • Chatfield State Park* - Littleton

  • Cherry Creek State Park* - Aurora

  • Westminster Hills* - Westminster

  • Glendale Farm Open Space - Castle Rock

  • Berkeley Dog Park - Denver

  • Rail Yard Dog Park - Denver

*Spots marked with an asterisk have access to water for your pup to splash around in.


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