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Down Payment Assistance & Resources

With the low interest rates and a real estate market that continues to increase, it is a great time to buy a home and get in on the appreciation! So now is the time to start lining up resources to help you make a down payment and make that dream a reality. There’s plenty of assistance available if both you and the home you want to buy meet eligibility requirements.

While most programs are designed for first-time and/or low-income homebuyers, some are reserved for workforce personnel such as teachers, firefighters and police or for those who meet other criteria for the community.

According to, there are four types of down payment assistance:

  • Grants which don’t have to be repaid

  • Loans (second mortgages) that have to be repaid

  • Loans (second mortgages) that can be deferred until the property is sold

  • Loans (second mortgages) that are forgiven over a period of time

The gold standard in down payments is a minimum of 20 percent, but you can put as little as three percent down through Freddie Mac's Home Possible® or HomeOne federally guaranteed mortgages. You’ll have to pay private mortgage insurance until your home reaches 20 percent equity, either through making mortgage payments to reduce the principle, or through the increased market value of your home over time.

The Veterans Administration provides certificates of eligibility for veterans to present to their mortgage lender that may entitle them to a mortgage with little or no down payment required.

Check for assistance programs and grants in your state beginning with and

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