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Leaf Peeping in Denver & Surrounding Areas

Just a fun tidbit for you!.... Denver has one of the longest periods of fall colors of any city in the country! According to our Convention & Visitors Bureau, it's because there are 5 different climate zones within a 2 hour drive of Downtown Denver. Therefore, you can find fall colors from mid-September to mid-November! Let's break down timeframes by locations so you know where to go and when!

Colorado Leaf Peeping

Mid-September to early-October: above 9,500 feet

- Guanella Pass is located just an hour from Denver and at an elevation of 11,670 feet. It has an abundance of beautiful Aspen trees on both sides of the pass showcasing gorgeous colors throughout your drive!

Late-September to mid-October: from 7,000-9,000 feet

- Georgetown & Silver Plume are also known for having gorgeous leaf peeping opportunities! A fun way to explore the colors is by riding the Georgetown Loop Railroad, where a vintage steam locomotive pulls passengers up the steep grade between the two towns.

- Lake Dillon, Frisco, & Silverthorne are also filled with Aspens and beautiful scenery including lake and mountain views in addition to fall colors! Bring your bike and travel along the 18-mile paved bike path that surrounds Lake Dillon and provides mountain and fall views in every direction.

Most of October: from 6,000-8,000 feet

- Golden Gate Canyon State Park is about 20 miles west of Denver and has Aspen's at lower elevations, as well as one of the best panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains.

- Evergreen can also provide wonderful locations for leaf peeping such as Maxwell Falls or Alderfer/Three Sisters Park, or drive the Lariat Loop Scenic Byway from Evergreen on Hwy. 74 to Bergen Park and back down through Golden. 

Early-October to mid-November: 5,280 feet (Denver!)

- Denver has so many areas and opportunities to see the stunning fall colors but here are the top rated ones to check out:

--Cherry Creek Bike Trail: rated in the top 5 bike paths in the country, the trail follows the tree-lined creek for 40+ miles from downtown Denver to Cherry Creek State Park.

--South Platte River Bike Trail: another 40+ mile bike path, this one follows the South Platte River from downtown Denver to Chatfield State Park.

--Washington Park: Denver's large traditional park has 2 lakes, 2 flower gardens, kids play areas, a 2 mile tree-lined running path!

--Sloan's Lake: Denver's largest lake offers city and mountain views along with a tree-covered park.

--City Park: Denver's largest park is also home to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, the Denver Zoo, Golf Course, lakes, and the Mile High Trail.

**Details provided by, our local Convention & Visitors Bureau.


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